Curated Insights Empowering B2B Teams to Sell Smarter and Faster

xiQ combines Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence to equip sales and marketing teams with curated insights to personalize customer engagement, generate better quality leads and win more deals.

xiQ allows us to stay on top of our customers’ business needs and industry trends and proactively engage with them to help them achieve their vision.

Gianni GiacomelliChief Marketing Officer, Genpact

xiQ helps give me a more professional appearance and cut down on time needed to understand the potential business issues the prospects and customers might be facing.

Andy VaromaCo-Founder, Cloud Comrade

I have been enjoying the user experience you have created…the daily investment news [is] more visually appealing to consume than the daily Crunchbase email.

Rishi DiwanCEO, Mirror App Inc.

xiQ Enables Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is reshaping the B2B Sales and Marketing landscape – it is shifting from a reactive customer engagement model to a proactive selection and targeting of key accounts.

Generate Leads & Personalize Customer Engagement

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It’s never been easier to access curated insights that:

  • Personalize Customer Engagement
  • Generate Better Quality Leads, and
  • Win More Deals

The world’s most advanced cognitive analytics framework, powering the smartest content marketing platform.

xiQ and IBM Watson – save time without compromising quality.

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The Average Cost of a Qualified B2B Lead is Upwards of $2000

Loss of a sales opportunity due to lack of preparation is an expensive proposition.


Knowledge is the Currency of Business

Whether from something as simple as a Tweet or as deep as an annual report, there’s insight and competitive advantage to be gained.

xiQ filters information from millions of sources into relevant, beautifully packaged and highly shareable content to make customer engagement faster, smarter and easier than ever before.


Connections are the Life-blood of Business

Market research is a time vortex. Preparing for a customer meeting takes precious time sifting through news, social medial and annual reports to find clues that shape deals.

Get prepared quickly even for last minute meetings.

xiQ delivers personalized real-time insights about industries, companies, and executives so you spend less time searching and more time engaging.

57% of the buying decision is already made even before the customer engages a salesperson.


15% Increase in customer engagement yields 42% increase in sales productivity



Generate Leads with Compelling Content

In today’s digital landscape, content is an essential element in successful marketing strategies. Creating stand-out content that is relevant, engaging, and useful takes an incredible amount of time and expertise.

With xiQ, you can quickly curate and publish content to build the kind of loyal customer base that drives incremental revenue, leads and other opportunities.


Become a Domain Expert and Earn Trust

As a disseminator of consistently relevant, high-quality information, your brand stands out as a leading influence and authority in your field.

It’s never been simpler to discover and leverage content for your marketing advantage. The world’s most advanced cognitive analytics framework, powering the smartest content marketing platform, xiQ and IBM Watson – saves time without compromising content quality.

xiQ + IBM Watson Ensures a New Standard of Customer Engagement and Market Intelligence

Cognitive Computing Meets Content Marketing

Next Generation Market Intelligence

Timely access to relevant market intelligence is the fuel for all B2B professionals. However information overload is preventing relevant information from reaching B2B professionals.

xiQ uses proprietary algorithms combining Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning with the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson to deliver relevant insights, trends and sentiment analysis.

xiQurate Your News

Get the most relevant news, trends and happenings related to the subjects you care about most. Curated from over thousands of sources. Delivered to your inbox.

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