About xiQ

We are entrepreneurs, problem solvers, game-changers.
Just like you.

We know business inside and out. We’ve been there. We understand the challenges and the competitive landscape. We designed the xiQ suite of apps to create a simpler, more efficient, less time-consuming way to stay ahead of the curve and quickly identify, target and leverage opportunities.

Why I Developed xiQ

As a former VP of Sales and Marketing at SAP, I experienced firsthand the pain that B2B sales reps face every day. The never-ending battle to effectively engage with prospects and customers. The quest to find the decision makers and influencers. The difficulty of identifying the right time to engage. And above all, the need to close the deal faster.

I founded xiQ with a vision to solve that problem by prioritizing and distilling the massive amounts of news, data and social media available today into real-time, actionable intelligence. We designed a revolutionary sales tool that makes it faster and easier than ever before to identify prospects, qualify leads, connect with decision makers, and proactively drive sales cycles, all in one simple-to-navigate mobile app. xiQ gives sales reps the unprecedented advantage of knowledge plus time.

Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO, xiQ

We are excited about our investment in xiQ. The app shows us that their platform will be a winner. We believe in the world of possibilities that this platform will create.

Sean CorriganRockPoint Capital