Why should I use xiQ?

Designed for B2B sales and marketing professionals and executives, xiQ gathers and analyzes massive amounts of information and distills it into actionable, predictive intelligence so you can work your smartest, fastest, and best. More…

What is the Value of xiQ?

xiQ delivers its insights through massive collection of structured and unstructured information from the Internet, Social Media (Twitter and LinkedIn) and hundreds of industry-specific sources. The platform ranks articles and information using a combination of natural language processing, business rules and a learning engine augmented by human curation. The resulting high quality output is packaged magazine style for a comprehensive view of customers and industries.

How does the xiQ App help with Social Selling?

Tapping into the conversations on social media provides unique and personal insights about executives who are increasingly using social media to ask questions, express their opinions, and even announce strategic decisions.

xiQ has pre-curated company and executive Twitter handles. It extracts the most valuable insights from social media and publishes them in a digital magazine format, making it very simple and easy to leverage in sales cycles.

Be in the know! Unprecedented social media engagement. Start a conversation with the top executives, decision-makers and influencers.

What do I need to Sign-Up?

You can simply sign up by using your email address.

How can I find a Company I am Looking for?

You can search for a company by name or stock symbol.

How do I provide feedback about xiQ?

In Settings use the “Feedback” button to send us a direct email. We always welcome your feedback.

How many Companies are Available to xiQ Users?

Up-to-date news is available for all companies. In-depth insights for Global 1000 and all publicly listed companies in the US (Nasdaq and NYSE). 

How do I add a Company to my Follow List?

Use the Green + sign to add a company to track them. Companies will then be added to “xiQ Digest”. 

What is included in a Company’s Social Feed?

A Company’s Social feed includes tweets from the company, its executives and posts from your network (LinkedIn and Twitter – sign-up required with LinkedIn and Twitter) connections working at that company.

What does the Twitter Icon on an Executive's Image denote?

A Twitter icon on an Executive’s image means that the Executive has a Twitter account. Use the Tweet button to send a personalized Tweet to @executive. 

Start a conversation with an Executive. Build your personal brand.

How much is a Premium subscription?

A Premium subscription starts at $9.99/month/user. 

Billed annually at start of subscription.