There are a plenty of tools designed to track what’s already happened. xiQ prepares you for your next sales call with in-depth insights about customers, competitors, and industries in minutes. You spend less time searching and more time engaging.

Know Your Customer

Drive the sales cycle

Build trust

Close faster


To thrive in your competitive landscape you’ve got to be highly aware and highly engaged. xiQ enables social collaboration and calibrates engagement. It gauges the sentiment of the people that matter and analyzes news and social buzz to predict emerging trends so you can plan your next move.

Synthesize massive amounts of information for the company

Provide more relevant customer insights to help drive sales

Demonstrate tangible ROI on marketing activities

Personalized daily summary of highlights, competitive sales triggers & competitive market intelligence.


You’re focused on the big picture. But sometimes the picture gets too big. xiQ narrows the scope of information to match your specific focus. Your targeted companies, industries, and competitors delivered in comprehensive, relevant detail to help you help your team to strategize, mobilize and capitalize.

Stay on top of industry events to prep for meetings fast

Guide your team with market insights to drives sales and productivity

Monitor customer perception of the company and its products across all major news sources

Create customized private label content with your company logo for your team

Get a custom daily email with content relevant to your company